3G video surveillance for road safety embedded in the clairvoyant

December 1, 2017

Latest company news about 3G video surveillance for road safety embedded in the clairvoyant

   "Now our company's dangerous goods carrier basically installed 3G video car monitoring equipment, vehicle driving process can be on the traffic conditions, traffic conditions, real-time monitoring." Recently, from the Jinhua Public Security Transport Co., Ltd. came good News, the company took the lead in the city to install the 3G video car monitoring equipment, the device can carry out remote real-time monitoring of dangerous goods carriers, so that dangerous goods transport and a more security.


    In recent years, the safety of the safety of dangerous vehicles continue to improve, the state of dangerous goods transport enterprises safety management mechanism is also more and more perfect. Since 2014, the state has stipulated that the atmospheric pressure transport tank must be equipped with emergency cutting device, the transport management department through the professional assessment body of the dangerous goods transport company for a strict safety rating, for some irregularities of the company can its To terminate the operational qualification and to cease the new capacity. Nowadays, under the mechanism of promoting the standardization of safe production, the dangerous goods carrier has installed 3G monitoring vehicle video, which means that Wucheng dangerous goods transport safety management gradually enter the "3G" era, to facilitate the transport management departments at any time check the enterprise The operation of the vehicle to ensure the safety of transport.