About Warranty

December 12, 2022

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We Vanwin Tracking have a very strict quality control procedure to reduce the failure rate to 0.3%. Here you will find all the information that allows you to buy with confidence.


Trade Assurance (Return Policy)

The warranty period for all our products is 12 months.(For MDVR, it can be 15 months) The warranty period starts from the invoice date.
During this period, we provide free repair or replacement of products that reveal faults or malfunctions.

The commercial warranty is void if the malfunction is caused by incorrect use/installation or if the products have been tampered with.

Goods damaged by mechanical shocks and external events of electrical, atmospheric or accidental origin are also excluded from the guarantee.

We reserve the right to choose between repairing or replacing defective products.


If your product is not working properly, you can return it for inspection and repair at any time.

If the failure is covered by warranty, your product will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

If it is not covered by our warranty, an estimate will be sent to you before proceeding with the repair (for car cameras, it is mainly the main plate).

In the repair procedure, you must bear the cost of return transportation.


Warranty extension

It is possible to extend our commercial guarantee to 2, 3 or more years. To contract this additional service, you must request a budget that we will calculate based on the products purchased.