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New Version 4G Live Video Bus People counter

May 6, 2020

The Visible Passenger counter VW629HD-C  is the most powerful one among our counting systems. 

It has combined counting system with mdvr features ,namely you can execute counting the people meanwhile recording the videos inside and outside the bus via the 4 720P/960P cameras mounted on the bus.

Besides, VW629HD-C supports recording counting reports and GPS location statistics (name of the place or coordinate) of each stop in the device or server.

With 3G/4G wireless data transmission, counting statistics at each stop (how many people getting on and off at each stop)is visible, so is live videos inside and outside the bus and real time location of the bus .

VW629C is avalible for connecting panic buttons, gravity sensor, RS232/485 for integration with 3rd party devices, alarm trigger, etc.

With the above functions and high accuracy (95%-98%), VW629HD-C can effectively take a good control of ticket fraud, shock and reduce crimes such as driver stealing the money, theft in the bus.

For a long-term vision,this kind of bus passenger counting system will have a great potential and become more and more popular among bus companies and governments.

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