Public bus security solution

July 29, 2019

Latest company news about Public bus security solution

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Public bus security solution

●4CH/8CH AHD Mobile DVR, 4/8 HD car cameras, 1 Talkback device and 1 panic button for driver.

● RFID/Bus People counter
●Support GPS modules, high accuracy
●Support 3G/4G, monitoring center can check live data anytime.
●Big capacity 2TB for data storage, mirror recorder with 128GB SD Card

●Through the center platform, supervisors can manage all the buses’ conditions

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Safety Issues On Operation

- Irregular : over-speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, sharp turn and other acts which seriously affect the safety of passengers.

- Unusual event: open the door while driving; the back door clips passengers; start driving the vehicle before passengers get off,

which easily cause accidents.

- Emergencies: Extreme behavior such as fire explosion on a bus, which need complete evidence.

- Vehicle breakdown: vehicle breaks down during the operation, which need to report immediately in order to avoid accidents.

Vanwin has various of vehicle CCTV surveillance system, consisting of a mix of AHD/Analog cameras in place. Real-time usage of video surveillance is viewing live video / monitoring, or using video recorders as a tool if any incident. Additionally video analytic can be added to support the detection of an incident. The vast majority of respondents is using video footage for investigation and evidence collection. And HD Image quality for video surveillance is key point to ensure the evidence is valid in any case.