Vanwin Mobile DVR/Mobile NVR System

August 11, 2022

Latest company news about Vanwin Mobile DVR/Mobile NVR System


Why should trucks/buses be outfitted with a mobile video system?

There are two main benefits: 1) to avoid accidents, 2) improve your fleet operation efficiency.

Trucks are usually large in size- that means higher risk of accident on the road. With a camera system, blind spots around the vehicle is no longer invisible to drivers. Also the mobile DVR can record and send out alarms when bad driving behaviors such as hard braking, hard cornering, rapid acceleration and speeding are detected. Even when an accident is unavoidable the video footage will be used as proof to reduce your company’s liability.


AHD CCTV cameras are connected to MDVRs using the same type of shield cable as traditional analog CCTV cameras , typically pure copper cable. Compare with other HD camera technique like HD-SDI, One of the advantages of AHD over HD-SDI cameras (another HD over security camera standard) with similar picture resolution is AHD camera has lower cost, no delay and better supporting for longer cable. So far in our experience, installers can reliably use AHD cameras for mobile surveillance industry.


What type of AHD do we supply? At this moment, we will supply both 1080P/720P AHD, which are suitable for all of our HD and Hybrid models. and from we knew, many manufacturers are working on 1080p Ahd camera now, and we will keep our customer update.


Why you need Mobile NVR?

Vanwin Mobile Solutions offers a durable mobile video surveillance solution that provides reliable security for transit agencies. The Mobile Solution NVR (or MNVR) operates across different transportation networks. The MNVR simultaneously records up to 4~8 IP cameras in real-time and provides up to 4~8 simultaneous video output channels.MNVR technology is the ideal solution for actively monitoring and recording video feeds from mobile IP cameras. The recorder uses M12 aviation connectors to connect to cameras as an added level of stability.

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