Why do not use Dash Cam?

December 1, 2017

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the reasons for this are:

the device is not securely mounted and can be stolen within seconds.

the data is stored within the camera.


It can't support more than 2 cameras and alarm inputs.


It can't connect other devices with RS232/485 port.

It can't be used in faily serious bad and rough conditions, and bus/truck/van.

the storage capacity is not long enough, only at the very most (with one of the most expensive SD cards (128gb)) you "might" get a 7 day cycle.

the data is not encrypted so if anyone was to steal the camera, they would ave instant access to the images of any person or conversation which took place in the car prior to the theft.....this alone could leave you wide open to prosecution under seciton 55 of the data protection act.