Why you need AI MDVR?

April 9, 2024

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ADAS: Advanced Driving Assistance System, is a system designed to warn drivers in crucial road situations. A front facing camera can add this function.
DMS: Driver monitoring system, is a camera based safety system that monitors a driver's behavior and warns or alert them when they become distracted or drowsy for a period of time long enough to lose situational awareness of full attention to the task of driving.
BSD: is called blind spot detection/blind spot monitoring, is to use high technology to detect whether there is a car in the vicinity of the adjacent lane, and whether there is a car in the blind spot of the rearview mirror; when there is a car approaching or there is a car in the blind zone, the monitoring system will pass sounds, lights, etc. Way to remind the driver.

Why you need AI MDVR for vehicles? AI MDVR can not only help drivers but also give a satisfactory report to the fleet management company. ADAS and DSM can remind drivers to stop some behaviours which may unfavourable for driving, but also can generate big data reports. 

And with BSD algorithm, the intelligent MDVR can detect pedestrians at the front, side and rear of the vehicle in real time, avoiding accidents caused by blind spots. Thus, this driving assistance device is essential for large-size vehicles like trucks, buses, construction machines, etc.


An AI MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) for a vehicle is highly beneficial for several reasons, including:
  1. Enhanced Safety and Security: AI MDVR systems can provide real-time video surveillance, keeping a watchful eye on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle. This acts as a deterrent to crime and can also provide crucial evidence in case of theft, accidents, or disputes.
  2. Advanced Driver Assistance: With AI capabilities, MDVRs can analyze driving patterns to offer features like lane departure warnings, collision avoidance alerts, and fatigue detection, contributing to safer driving practices.
  3. Incident Analysis: In the event of an incident, AI-powered MDVRs can aid in the analysis by automatically tagging and categorizing video footage based on events, which simplifies retrieval and review processes.
  4. Fleet Management Optimization: For fleet operators, AI MDVRs can help track and monitor vehicles in real time, optimize routes, and ensure compliance with transport regulations.
  5. Insurance Claims Processing: Clear video evidence can accelerate claims processing and resolution. It helps in verifying the authenticity of the claims and understanding the dynamics of accidents for a fair assessment.
  6. Driver Training and Performance Monitoring: AI MDVR systems can analyze driving behavior over time, which can be used to coach drivers for improvement and reduce the risk of accidents due to human error.
Incorporating AI into MDVR systems significantly enhances the functionality and utility of traditional video recording devices used in vehicles, leading to safer and more efficient operations.

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