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company news about You May Want to Know More before Purchasing MDVR

China Shenzhen Vanwin Tracking Co.,Ltd certification
China Shenzhen Vanwin Tracking Co.,Ltd certification
Customer Reviews
Vanwin turned out to be very good supplier. Best provider ever!

—— Chris from New Zealand

You are very professional and we decide to order 50 complete sets 8CH HDD MDVR system from you. Thank you very much

—— Luis from Chile

You are very kind and professional. We are happy to work with you for the 125 sets SD card MDVR system.

—— Rodrigo from Bolivia

It has been three years for our cooperation. We like the HD Monitor and customized Cameras system, they are very clear and stable.

—— Nikolas from Ukraine

Vanwin is very reliable supplier. We have been working for more than 3 years. Last time I helped fit 2 wired MDVR system already from other company here and there but I must say they not good quality like your system.

—— Fritz from South Africa

The SD card MDVR system are very good. Very happy to work with you and Chinese foods are very delicious.

—— Sergio from USA

Very pleasant cooperation with you for 3 years. We have ordered over 600 sets from you, they have worked well, we are the partner and will get bigger.

—— David from UK

Nice nice nice, the 3G Video People Counter System is working well. I will test more with the people Counter system in the bus. We have more than 100 buses

—— Marko from Croatia

Your cameras look very sturdy and with good quality, that's why we order thousands of car cameras from you. And with good service. Thank you very much.

—— Juan from Mexico

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Company News
You May Want to Know More before Purchasing MDVR
Latest company news about You May Want to Know More before Purchasing MDVR

Before purchasing vehicle surveillance system, Mobile DVR or MDVR, many new customers would have a lot of questions for how the system works, below is sharing some frequently questions:


Q1. Do you provide the free CMS?

A1:Yes, is free of charge. We will provide you the authorized code after you buy our equipment.

Q2. Does the MDVR support Hard drive and SD card?

A2:Yes, for HDD MDVR, it supports 2.5 inch HDD/SSD up to 2TB plus 1*128GB SD card. SD card MDVR supports max 2*128GB or 256GB SD card.

Q3. For storage up to 2TB, it’s how many hours?

A3: It depends on the resolution and H264/H265 video coding you choose to record. For details, please refer to below table:

Q4: How to set 3G/4G/WIFI?

A4: The setting for MDVR is very important. Most functions need to be correctly set before use.

The 3G/4G setting depends on APN information of the network carrier you will use.

Normally a simple call to your local telecommunication company can know the APN setting.

WIFI setting is more easy. Just input the same data with Wireless router and server. SSID and Password.

Q5: What’s the voltage of the unit?

A5: Our MDVR can cover from 8-36V;

Q6: Is it 1080P?

A6: We have 720P/1080P MDVR for your choice;

Q7: How many channel it supports?

A7: 4ch, 6ch and 8ch optional;

Q8: Can I build my own platform.

A8: Yes. For sample you could use our server to test.When you test well and order more devices, you could build your own sever and our technician can help install remotely.

Q9: Do you have mobile app?

A9: Yes, we do have, IOS Client and Android Client.

Q10: Can the unit add our logo?

A10: Yes, if you order more, we can add your logo on the MDVR, the firmware and the CMS.

Q11: Do you have the cameras that go along with the units?

A11: Yes, we have the complete solution. Our cameras have aviation port which can be exactly match our mdvr.

Q12: Is it difficult to install MDVR into the vehicle?

A12: Actually it is easy to install it into vehicle. Most driver can figure out how to connect the power cables. And the camera installation is more easier. Just screw, connect and mount on the target place inside the vehicle.

Q13: If I need door open and close alarm, fuel monitor, low temperature monitor, are they available?

A13: Definitely yes! The I/O RS232 and RS485 extension port are used to connect external devices like door magnetic switch, fuel sensor, temperature sensor, etc.

Q14: We have our own platform and server, can we use your MDVR?

A14: Yes, our biggest advantage is we have our own platform. Integrate with your platform, no problem.

Q15: What’s your warranty?

A15: Different from normal factories on the market, we offer 16 months warranty.

Q16:What is your handling time?

A16: Sample order is about 2~5 business days. Large and complex order is about 10-20 business days.

Q17: What payment you accept?

A17: T/T, Western Union and PayPal;

Q18: Do you have gps, 3g/4g, and wifi? Are they optional?

A18: Yes, all our units are gps/3g/4g/wifi optional. Please refer to our specifications and choose what you want. With gps would support vehicle tracking; with 3g/4g would support real-time monitoring/live view; with wifi would support video automatically downloading.

Q19. Does the system work 24/7?

A19:The standard system works off the ignition switch only this is to save the battery of the vehicle from draining.

Q20. What is the minimum requirement to run this software?

A20:CPU 2.5G four core; Memory 8GB; HDD 1TB;

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